Package of Auroshikha sandalwood mysore stick incense.
  • Package of Auroshikha sandalwood mysore stick incense.

Mysore Auroshikha Sandalwood Incense


Package of 10 gr of incense in about 10 sticks of Sandalwood Mysore Auroshiskha .

100% natural and high quality product.

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Manufacturer of natural incense and with the greatest respect for international standards, the Auroshikha company is based in Auroville, in southern India.

All their products ensure a very high quality as well as a great satisfaction to use them.

Sandalwood, it evokes the incense of Indian temples, the production of which is essentially based on this fragrance, it is the sacred tree.

There are traces of sandalwood over 4000 years old, it is from all religions, eras, texts and customs. Its botanical name is Santalum album, it is a tree of about ten meters, it is harvested mainly in southern India, more particularly in Kerala, Mysore being the capital of this precious wood.

In addition to the perfume that we get from sandalwood, it is or was also used for embalming, making sculptures, cremation, especially in Benares, ex Varanasi, making furniture, etc.

As far as we are concerned, it takes a tree that is around thirty years old to obtain an irreproachable quality of essential oil. This therefore implies, because of its demand, that for decades these trees have been cultivated and replanted in other parts of the world than Asia.

The best sandalwood shavings are extracted by steam distillation, which have been reduced to powder beforehand. In powder or incense sticks, in pure perfume, this warm and woody fragrance intoxicates and is found in the largest houses of perfumes.


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