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Natural incense patchouli Auroshikha
  • Natural incense patchouli Auroshikha

Natural incense patchouli Auroshikha


Package of 10 grams of incense in about 10 sticks of patchouli Auroshiskha.

100% natural product of high quality.



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A natural incense manufacturer with the utmost respect for international standards, Auroshikha is based in Auroville, southern India.

All their products ensure a very high quality as well as a great satisfaction to use them.

Depending on the fragrances chosen from the wide variety of fragrances, their use will be beneficial, purifying, soothing, and even therapeutic.

Auroshikha incenses are among the best of the world's incense choice, they are made from essential oils, flowers and spices, no chemical element is included in their composition.

Tropical plant of the lamiaceae family, pogostemon cablin or more commonly called patchouli is a plant to which many virtues are attributed.

The most essential and known of patchouli is of course its earthy and woody scent, imported to Europe in the years circa 1850, accompanying the first pampered items of women wearing shawls and Indian fabrics.

Its advent is undoubtedly the year 1970, with the hippie movement which made it known throughout the world.

Its powerful smell is obtained by the distillation of the leaves, which makes it possible to obtain an essential oil used in many olfactory compositions or as such.


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