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Lot 50 Goloka Boxes 12x16gr


Lot of 50 cans of incense in sticks of 12x16 grams of the brand Goloka.


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Goloka is a firm that for many years now has been manufacturing and marketing incense mainly in the form of hand-rolled sticks or agarbathi and cones from the best possible ingredients.

In addition to the great respect for the product during the manufacturing process, this brand indicates that it donates all of its profits to charities, with, among others, the "Akshaya Patra Foundation", which gives lunches to underprivileged children, or to train and helping widowed women or paying scholarships to students in need.

By consuming its products, Goloka assures you, in addition to an olfactory satisfaction at the height of the art of incense, a gesture towards the needy.


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