Set of 12 boxes of sandalwood incense without central stick.
  • Incense Santal Wood Bic Travel Box Bic
  • Incense Santal Wood Bic Travel Box Bic
  • Set of 12 boxes of sandalwood incense without central stick.

Santal Wood Bic incense 12xgm


A small hole is provided on the box to serve as a support, allowing use in toilets, cars, camping.

Lot of 12 boxes of 10 sandalwoodless sticks each.

A superb sanal fragrance from Bharat Industrial Corporation.


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Used for many rituals, and those in many countries, sandalwood helps with appeasement and is ideal for traditional aromatherapy.

Its woody fragrance also has the particularity of fixing and developing the other plants associated with it.

Very present in Buddhism, it ensures the maintenance of thought and spirit in meditation. It is also recognized as a soothing element.

The sandalwood, it evokes the incense of Indian temples whose manufacture is essentially based on this fragrance, it is the sacred tree.

Traces of sandalwood are found more than 4000 years ago, it is of all religions, eras, texts and customs. Its botanical name is Santalum album, it is a tree of about ten meters, it is harvested mainly in the south of India, especially in Kerala, Mysore being the capital of this precious wood.

Besides the scent that one derives from sandalwood, it is or has also been used for embalming, carving, cremation, especially in Benares, ex Varanasi, furniture manufacturing ....

As far as we are concerned, it takes a tree of thirty years to obtain an impeccable quality of essential oil. This implies, because of its demand, that for decades these trees have been cultivated and replanted in other parts of the world than Asia.

The best sandalwood shavings that have been powdered are steamed by distillation. In powder or incense sticks, in pure perfume, this warm and woody fragrance intoxicates and is found in the biggest perfume houses.


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Natural Meditation Concentration India Original