Our steel bases

Laste choix de socles en acier pour statues et masques.

What is our steel?

Steel, composed of iron and the chemical element carbon, is the alloy of its two components. The liquid cast iron obtained from this mixture gives the exceptional properties of steel.

It was during the industrial revolution, around 1850, that steel could be clearly defined and manufactured with the desired properties.

Depending on the use to be made of it, other elements are added to its production, such as chromium, molybdenum, nickel or manganese. For the manufacture of our bases, we use S235 steel, which is fairly easy to machine, with very good weldability, which is why we have chosen this quality. However, it rusts very quickly, which can give it a beautiful natural appearance and thus present the base pieces with a little originality.

Socle en acier pour statue ou masque.

Our bases

Our bases for statues or sculptures are made in such a way that the diameter and height of the rod is based on the weight that the base can support. From the smallest to a size that allows pedestal a dogon ladder, a fir tree, a large driftwood, we offer a wide range.

Our bases for masks are surmounted by 3 thin but solid crosspieces which allow you to orient and present in the space as desired.

The straight stem is offset for a better presentation of the object.

Socle en acier pour masque. Proposition d'utilisation de socle pour masque.

Our plates are drilled in the middle and the hole is chamfered from below to hide the screw head and thus leave the base flat and smooth.

Statue soclée sur une platine en acier.Platine en acier pour socler des statues.