Produits au henné naturel pour colorer les cheveux.

What is henna?

the henna, Lawsonia inermis, is a plant that grows and develops in certain latitudes, requires a temperature of 15° to 25° and water, but it reaches its best dyeing ability under 30°.

This plant is found mainly in Africa, the Maghreb, and Asia, as well as in Rajasthan, India. With world demand exploding, henna growers have organized themselves to switch from hedge cultivation, which is usual, to field cultivation, which is much more productive.

To obtain henna, the leaves are reduced to powder and dried in the shade to extract the lawsone molecule, which by skilful mixtures will give this or that shade.

Used for more than 5000 years, first to beautify mummies, then in cosmetic care by the many civilizations that followed, henna is today a very popular natural color product, which does not damage the hair. You can find organic ones on sale, this label can be very misleading, the quantity of growers necessary for the stock being very high and difficult to control, “natural” is already a good thing!!!!

How to use it?

It is often used in powder, mixing it with warm water to obtain a paste that is not too liquid. Apply on clean hair, the exposure time of 45 minutes is the one that generally suits everyone, over time you will know what your need is. In order not to stain around you, consider using a bathing cap, a towel or plastic wrap.

It won't hurt to do a strand test first to make sure you don't develop any allergies to it and to check your hair's reaction.

The lighter your hair, the more the effect will be coppery, think about it carefully, a blond person will inevitably have red hair using copper, mahogany or fiery red henna.

Poudre de henné pour colorer les cheveux.

Which henna to choose?

As indicated in the previous paragraph, the color must be well thought out before any installation. In addition to powdered henna, there is a henna coloring cream, henna shampoo color maintenance and a conditioning balm.

the natural henna powder remaining the main subject, you can improve your shade by using the shampoos associated with the colors, these maintaining the color and helping to fix it.

NJD Conditioning Balm also preps the hair remarkably well. Henna cream, on the other hand, allows you to treat the roots or perform a quick and less restrictive pose.

Choix de henné disponibles pour la coloration.

What colors are there?

We find with the exception of neutral which is a care, the light red or souad, the fiery red masria, the chestnut, the blond, the copper, the hand of Fatima, the auburn, the black, the mahogany el cahira, brown, chocolate and burgundy.

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Lot de henné poudre en boite.