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African wooden awale strategy game.
  • African wooden awale strategy game.

Awalé Wari Wood Iroko game


Awalé in iroko wood, a two-player strategy game.

You just need to know how to count and be a good strategist to win.

Delivered with 49 seeds, a ruler and its transport bag in African loincloth.



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It was in Ethiopia that we could find the first traces of awale, dating from the eighth century, so it spread throughout Africa and then around the world in many variants and names just as many.

We call this game “awalé” here, the name most often given in Ivory Coast and Burkina Faso to this game of seeds or mancala which leaves nothing to chance or luck.

Often played in the ground, in villages, with small pebbles or seeds, it comes to us in the form of two half-flutes of 6 holes each.

Four seeds are placed in each cavity, usually from the caesalpinia bonduc shrub, which are often found in pairs in what looks like a crushed chestnut.

We play it in pairs, each with a side composed of a row of six holes, i.e. 24 seeds and each in turn, whatever the result of the movement, we move all the seeds contained in one of the 6 as desired. holes of its camps by depositing them in the following cavity one by one.

In the rule explained here, the goal of the game is to seize the maximum number of seeds of the opponent, to do so, the last seed placed in the opposing camp, must mix with one or two seeds already present, neither more nor less.

The seeds are then collected and the opponent takes his turn.

The movement and operation is very simple, however, winning against a seasoned opponent can be very difficult, if not impossible.

The game is won from 25 seeds won, there are many techniques and moves, similar to chess or go, this game requires a great sense of strategy, mental arithmetic and observation.

Because of the mastery that this game requires, in Africa, great players are highly respected, and their opinion counts in day-to-day decisions, it is a marker of intellect.


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