Percussion Djembes Africa

African Percussion Djembes

Originally from Africa, and especially from the western part, the djembe is a percussion instrument played mainly with the hands.

Wooden barrel in the shape of a chalice, surmounted by goatskin and ingeniously stretched by a system of 2 metal rings on the top and a lower one connected by a long rope, allowing it to be stretched and giving it a perfect sound.

An essential instrument of dances and ceremonies in West Africa, it is accompanied by balafons, doum doums, tama, cora or n'goni.

The rest of the world discovered its fabulous properties in the 1950s with the heyday of African ballets and then around the years with the djembefola who democratized this instrument.

Let us mention among the greatest, Mamady Keita, Sékou Camara Cobra, Adama Dramé, and many others who will forgive me for not mentioning them.

Our proposed percussions come from Ivory Coast and are made of Melina wood.

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