Dowsing pendulums

Dowsing pendulums for research and divination.

The pendulum allows, thanks to the vibrations which it emits towards its user to find objects, answers or to direct research.

We are not all receptive in the same way to this tool but it can be "tamed".

Among the divinatory objects, the pendulum is by far the most used and this, since the dawn of time, the Tarot, dowsing rods or other being less widespread.

Their discoveries in the pyramids of Egypt attest to this, presented in the form of amulets, they were nevertheless used for divination, as with the pendulum Thoth. Clairvoyants, dowsers, researchers or simple amateurs use it, it is therefore presented in a multitude of forms and materials, depending on the action sought.

Some will allow witnesses to slip into it, others will be better able to capture energies, the important thing being that everyone must find the right pendulum whose vibrations will allow them to answer questions about love, science, geology, politics and sometimes even police.

Mastering this tool requires concentration, training, the results can be very surprising.

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