Awalé game

Awalé stategy game.

Strategy game consisting of a "flute" containing 12 holes hosting 48 seeds. As easy to play as a checkers game, but a strategy equivalent to chess.

It's a two-way game.

Played since the dawn of time in Africa, traces of it can be found in the pyramids, it has invaded the world to be one of the most practiced games on the planet.

In the bush, the winner of the game is considered a wise and learned and is considered the possible and probable judge for a dispute between the people of the village.

Children play in an earthen hole with small pebbles or seeds, the must being to have your own mancala.

We deliver our games with a rule, very simple to learn, practiceable as soon as we know how to count, it is nevertheless a formidable game of calculation and strategy.

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